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Snowflake Bay Santa and Friends and Visionary Glassworks make up Artistic Endeavors©, the lifetime dream of resident artist, Lynn Burr.  I have been creating most of my life.  I began as a child learning embroidery, then sewing, macrame, drawing and all types of crafting.  I later took up crochet, photography, genealogy and family research along with heritage and family scrapbooking and handmade greeting cards.  I learned the art of stained glass and mosaics and most recently added sculpting to my interests.

Snowflake Bay is an imaginary place where my Santa and Friends collectibles are "born."  I create many collectibles including handmade Santa Claus art dolls,  angels, witches, wreaths, photo frames, ornaments, trees and stockings, Christening gowns from wedding gowns, notebook covers, bookmarks . . .  The Santa dolls are each made with great care and are intended to become heirloom pieces to be enjoyed for many years.  Snowflake Bay is headquartered in the Tampa Bay area of Florida where my husband and I live near our three grown children and four grandchildren.

My  Work                                                                           

The Santa and Friends sculptures are each one of a kind.  Faces, hands and feet are individually hand sculpted.  Eyes are hand sculpted and hand painted.  I occasionally use molds of original on the Santa face ornaments.  When a mold has been used, it will be noted in the item description.

Fine, processed angora mohair is purchased for use as hair and beards.  Beautiful fabrics and trims are meticulously selected for each costume or theme.  I acquire vintage fur which is used on many of my figures.  Faux fur is used as well and may be requested.  Costumes are custom tailored to fit each figure. 

Accessories may be hand made, sculpted, or purchased new or vintage and are carefully selected for each figure.

Custom orders are welcome and are my specialty.  Things to consider are the theme of the figure, whether you may have fabric or an accessory to incorporate, or even names on lists.


Following are questions I am asked that I thought might be helpful to you.  If you have other questions, please feel free to send me an e-mail which I will answer as soon as possible.

Q.  What are the Santas made of?

A.  This is the most often asked question.  The faces, eyes and hands of the Santa figures are hand sculpted.  I rarely use molds, each is individually sculpted from polymer clay.  When molds are used they are from one of my original sculpts.  The bodies are constructed of dowels and heavy gauge wire filled out with batting and polyfill.  They are usually mounted on a wood base.  Sizes range from 12 inches to six feet tall.  The hair and beards are made of fine mohair.  Rarely is a costume purchased.  I carefully hand tailor costuming from fine fabrics and luscious trims.  I utilize a lot of recycled, vintage fur which I can substitute with faux fur upon request.  Some of the accessories are purchased new or vintage and some are sculpted from clay.  Each figure comes with a Snowflake tag and a personalized card describing the piece.  The tag and card are signed, numbered and dated.

In the case of Santa ornaments, the faces are created from a mold of one of my original sculpts.  To keep the pieces at an attractive price point, they are all cast from the original mold. 

Q.  I have some fabric I would like to include in a piece, can I do that?

A.  Yes.  I can customize a piece to utilize your special fabric, fur, an accessory or when appropriate, include names of special people.  These requests must be made well in advance to allow for design and approval before work could begin.  Custom work is completed on a pre-paid basis.

Q.  I would like matching Christmas stockings to go with my Santa or ornament.  Is that possible?

A.  Yes.  If I have sufficient fabric to match a costume, I can make a stocking.  The stockings are large enough to accommodate gifts and are ornately adorned with lavish trims, lace or fur.  Coordinating pieces must be ordered at the same time to be sure sufficient fabric quantities are in stock.  Custom work is completed on a pre-paid basis.

Q.  How are the pieces shipped?

A.  Large pieces are carefully packed and shipped by the best methods available to be sure you receive them in perfect condition  (I usually ship via FedEx).  Ornaments and stockings will be shipped either by US Mail or UPS.  Shipping charges will be discussed in advance.  Exact shipping is charged and is determined by the size and weight of the piece.

Please feel free to contact me via e-mail and I will get back with you as soon as possible.  Thank you for your interest.  I hope you enjoy my work.